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If you are looking for De Le Rose Danes, or The Viking's World, please click these links!


Latest Additions: I have officially closed our The Troubleshooters Facebook page. For no discernable reason, and utterly without explanation, they took it upon themselves to unpublish our page. I asked for a reason, filed multiple complaints, and they never replied. Their original statement attached to the page when they unpublished it, was that it had somehow violated their community standards. If showing love and respect for our military, standing up for issues like homeless veterans, or the high rate of suicide by veterans is somehow a violation of their community standards, then I do not wish to be associated with such a community. I did some digging, and it seems that we are not alone. They have been shutting down many other patriotic or conservative pages as a underhanded way of pushing the ultra-left political agenda of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, by censoring anything that does not fit with his agenda. Zuckerberg may not respect the US Military, but we do, and will always. Now that I have closed that door, I will have more time for updating this site, and our Google Plus page. I thank my loyal readers for following us these last fourteen years! God bless our great nation, and God bless our US Military! You either stand for something, or you stand for nothing!







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