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80th Infantry Division Christmas Card

Sent By Sgt. Joseph DeLaurentis, Co. A, 702nd Tank Battalion

To His Fiancée, Lela-1944.  Courtesy Of Lela M. Eitel


"The Replacements"

It was the night before Christmas,

The sergeant was aghast-

He was to go on patrol,

Knowing it would be his last.


Four men were to check out- "the rise"

The sergeant was shivering and shaking in his hole of ice.

A wonderful sight and sound did appear-

Was it the effect of his "Four-Star cognac" cheer?

A truck stopped abruptly, and in the dark,

Four young replacements reluctantly debarked.

Santa had sent his gift just in time-

These new guys would do just fine.


Bill Costley

1945 Replacement, 319th Infantry, 80th Division


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