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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On



Trio Catch Krauts With Lugers Down


Stars and Stripes


“With the 80th infantry Division,


It was a case of “don’t fire til you see the whites of their eyes” for three Blue Ridge infantrymen of Company “F” of the 318th Regiment.


After pushing across the Sauer River and well into German held territory, the trio, Sgt. Clyde A. Ray, of Monticello, Ark., Sgt. David A. Dicks of New Castle, Pa., and P.F.C. James J. Meade, of Avoca, Pa., found themselves on outpost duty 300 yards ahead of their lines.  They also found the Krauts all set to launch a heavy counter-attack.


Tensely the trio waited. It was getting dark but they could see the Jerries moving up, 100 yards away, 50 yards, 20 yards.  At ten yards, the patrol let go with their M-1’s.  Simultaneously, they started screaming and yelling, as if the whole 80th Division was on the warpath.  It was over in a few minutes.  The surprised Nazis faltered, broke and fled, all except 25 who lay dead.”


Maj. Gen. Joseph D. Patch, Former Commander

80th Infantry Division, Camp Forrest, Tenn. 1942


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