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B Company Guidon


Recently, I was contacted by my dear old friend, Bucky Weaver. Bucky said that he was sending me the original B Company Guidon. A Guidon is a flag used by military units to identify that unit. Needless to say, I was deeply touched and honored that I was being entrusted with the care and preservation such an important historical artifact, and a symbol of all of the brave men who fought, bled and died while serving this flag. I immediately set about researching the proper care and preservation of historical fabrics. My dear wife Katy, made it her Christmas Gift to me to help me buy and assemble a proper mounting frame for the Guidon. Katy did a beautiful job, and it should last for a very long time, safely ensconced in it's acid-free, UV protected mount. I consider the guardianship of this Guidon to be a very solemn and important duty. I thank Bucky for placing his trust in me, and promise to do my level best to ensure that this priceless artifact endures forever.



Bucky Weaver and members of B Company, including my uncle.


B Company hut at Camp Campbell, Kentucky


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