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Adolph "Duffy" Facini

By Terry D. Janes


Yesterday, April 12, 2005 Adolph "Duffy" Facini passed away.  "Duffy" was a medic in the 702nd Tank Battalion "Red Devils", and many men owed their lives to him.  "Duffy" had always been a great service to the battalion association since the war too.  Everyone in the outfit loved "Duffy", and will miss him.  "Duffy" was mentioned in an article last year on this website, regarding the graffiti painted on the wall of the chateau in Ville au Val, France after the 80th crossed the Moselle in 1944.  "Duffy" was also present and very active at this last year's Red Devil Reunion.  Farewell "Duffy"!  Thank you!  "A Red Devil never dies, he just rolls on!"





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