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By Terry D. Janes


As anyone close to me will attest, I believe deeply in this crusade of mine to educate and inform the world about the great debt of gratitude we owe the brave men and women of "the greatest generation" for the sacrifices they made in order for us to have the opportunity to live in a world free of tyranny and evil.  As the saying goes, "All gave some, some gave all!"  This crusade has consumed most of my energy and resources for most of my adult life.  I have been working my butt off at this for twenty years now!  2004 is not only my twentieth year of doing this, but also the third year this website has been online providing the world with a resource for free information about these men we call "Patton's Troubleshooters".  I fully intend that it should go on doing so long after we are all dust.


As usual, I was working on another new project (actually, several to be honest) to bring you, my readers.  I had been burning the candle at both ends for about 48 hours straight, and quite frankly was exhausted.  At times like that, when sleep is a stranger and one is bone-tired, it is easy to feel like it's just not worth it.  I don't get discouraged often, but as I said, I was tired.  Then the mailman came.  I got a letter from Pete Porreca, President of the 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils Association.  Pete had enclosed a note and a card.  I opened the card first.  It was a Hallmark card.  On the cover it said; "Those who act kindly in this world will have kindness."  I opened it, and was shocked.  It brought tears to my eyes.  All the Red Devils who attended the last reunion signed it.  Most of these folks don't have Internet access, but they know of what I'm doing, and they appreciate it.  I consider these people to be my heroes, and here they are treating me as though I were theirs.  Pete's note explained the card was an acknowledgment of their gratitude and appreciation for my "outstanding contribution to the 702nd Red Devils."  He went on to say, "On behalf of the Red Devils Officers and members, I wish to express this hearty Thank You!"  I may be poor in many ways, but I feel like a very wealthy man to have friends like this!  Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart!  Thanks also to the kind souls who drop me an email just to say "Thanks", or leave a kind word in the Guest-book.  It means more than you know.



Now, I'll get back to work on those projects I mentioned.  And when I get tired from too many hours without rest, or the bills are piling up and I'm feeling discouraged, I'll think about this and remind myself about gratitude.  I am grateful to know such good-hearted people!  I am also grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to help them in my own small way.  Now, back to work…….




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