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Summer 2006


President-Pete P. Porreca

Vice-President/Recording Secretary-Tom Barry

Treasurer-George Williams

Executive Committee-John king, Joe D'Andrea, & James D'Aurora




702nd Tank Battalion Reunion 2006


2006 Reunion-September 7, 8 & 9th, 2006 at the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center, 2634 Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg, Pa.  As I stated in previous years, all of us Red Devils are over 81 years old and our attendance has dropped every year.  Sickness, death, finances and lack of interest is upon us.  Again, try to make it; it may be our last!


Treasurer George Williams mailed the agenda to all active members weeks ago.  The initial deadline for reservations is July 31, 2006.  Please call the hotel soon.  The deadline will be extended for stragglers.  The committee needs to know the number of attendees in order to make comfortable arrangements.




Our numbers are dropping so fast that our deceased list is also diminished.  Following are deceased: Ray Trach, B Co. 12-10-05, Joe Sintich, HQ Co. 12-12-05, Martin Dragosits, C Co. 02-06, George Kirchman, C Co. 03-06, Edward L. Baroni, C Co. 04-14-06, and Carlo Cipriano HQ Co. 03-26-06.  We extend our sympathies and condolences to their families.  God bless our fallen Red Devils.


702nd Historian


I don't believe the Red Devils would be in existence without Terry Janes.  He is familiar with every member, every battle, every town and the location of the path across Europe.  His computer and ties with the 80th Division keep him abreast of all changes and actions.  Again, "Thank you Terry".  Terry's website:




On behalf of the Red Devils, I wish to thank George Williams Daughter Dottie and her husband Fred, and George and Peggy Williams for volunteering in making the arrangements for the 2006 Reunion.  A great deal of work was involved in planning and executing.  Your dedication is appreciated!




I received a call from Bob Burrows, Sr. Vice Commander of the 80th Division Veterans Association requesting a representative from the 702nd Red devils to be included with our flag and streamers in the dedication of a monument to the 80th Division and Associate Units in Ft. Benning, Ga., Sept. 20, 21, & 22, 2006.  I appointed Tom Barry and Fred Riley to represent the Red Devils.  They both accepted.  On behalf of the Red Devils, I am grateful for their past services and dedication.




Enclosed is the 2006 61st Reunion Agenda.  The 702nd Story and picture of our (previously) lost Red Devils Flag & streamers (See Here).  A brief write-up listed in the 2005 Blue Ridge (80th Div.) Reunion Newsletter booklet, concerning the 702nd support of the 80th Division.  Also enclosed, is a picture of a comrade that Terry Janes believes is from A Co., and thinks he is from Philadelphia.  Please let us know if you recognize him.




Again, our ranks are diminishing rapidly.  Please make every effort to attend this year’s reunion.  As our ranks continue to diminish, “Next Year’s” may be our last.


Time is getting shorter.  Please call or mail in your reservations soon.



See you at the reunion!

Good Luck!  Good Health!

Yours in comradeship,

Pete P. Porreca, President


Do you know this man's name?  He would have been in A Co. at Camp Campbell 1943.



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