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Summer 2008


President-Pete P. Porreca

Vice-President/Recording Secretary-Tom Barry

Treasurer-George Williams

Executive Committee-John King, Joe D'Andrea, & James D'Aurora


63rd and Last Reunion 


702nd Tank Battalion Reunion 2008


2008 Reunion-September 19th & 20th, 2008 at the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center, 2634 Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg, Pa.  As I stated previously, the attendance by our comrades has dropped immensely.  Only 15 attended last year.  The balance of 65 was honorary members, wives of deceased comrades, and guests.  They all paid their fees and were proud to attend.


Charlie Baker's son and fiancée volunteered to supervise the reunion this year, but due to the son's change of employment and Charlie's eyes failing him, they decided they were not able to continue handling the work needed in preparing this year's reunion.  I contacted George and Peggy Williams and asked them if they could handle the necessary preparations for this possible last reunion.  They accepted my appointment of George Williams being the Battalion Treasurer for one more year.  Their daughter Dottie and Son-in-law, Fred will assist them.  Charlie Baker resigned as Treasurer due to his health problems.  The lower costs for each person will be taken in consideration due to our financial surplus.




I have knowledge of only three deaths of our comrades since last year.  Al Covey, B Company, Died 01-11-08.  Ross Steadman, Company Unknown, Died 05-22-08.  Fred Bodkin, D and HQ Company, Died 05-26-08.  We extend our sympathies and condolences to their families.  God bless our fallen Comrades.




On behalf of the Red Devils, I wish to thank George Williams, Dottie, Fred, and Peggy for making the arrangements and preparations for this Reunion.





George Williams, A Company, had cataracts removed from both eyes Nov. 2007.  Joe D'Andrea, B Company, had open-heart surgery December 11, 2007.  Both are currently doing fine.  Joe Zoril, D Company, had a stroke in 2008.  Joe Wortz, A and HQ Company is very sick and in bad health.  Charlie Baker's eyes are failing him.  Good luck and good health to all the above!




The following are comrades who contributed some portion of their time and efforts into maintaining the success and longevity of these reunions over the years.  If I missed a name, please forgive me, I'm only human.  Jim Hardy, Bill Miller, George Lawlor, Tony Cannorozzi, Harry Aylsworth, Danny Jones, Milt Still, Slim Rives, Dick Reidenbach, Joe D'Andrea, Jim D'Aurora, Bill Filson, Duffy Facini, Cutty Caruso, Fred Riley, Tom Barry, Joe Sintich, Fred Bodkin, George Williams, Mike Szymanski, Terry Janes and Pete Porreca.


I'd like to also include the ladies (Devilettes) who donated their time and efforts.  I won't attempt to name them for fear of missing some.


I'm anticipating this is our last reunion.  You can always contact our Historian, Terry Janes.  He is much younger than us, and will continue to keep the Red Devils alive.



702nd Historian


Terry Janes calls me and makes me aware of any news about our comrades.  I am very grateful for his assistance.  Terry's Website:




Please call or mail soon!



Hospitality Room


The Battalion will not be providing the lunch on Saturday.  There will be salads and Barbeque provided by individuals.  Please bring something to add to the luncheon or Hospitality Room.  Also bring gifts, no tickets will be sold.


Good Luck & Good Health!


Yours in Comradeship,

Pete P. Porreca, Pres.





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