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Winter 2004


President-Pete Porreca

Vice-President/Rec. Sec.-Dick Reidenbach

Treasurer-George Williams

Executive Committee:

Joe Sintich

John King

Joe D’Andrea

James D’Aurora




Belated Thanks For The 2002 Reunion

The reunion at Gettysburg was a great success.  George Williams, his family, and committee did a comendable job in the success of this reunion.  The attendance is getting thinner each year due to deaths, sickness, finances, and lack of interest in a few comrades.


Again, a hearty “Thank You” to George and his committee.  We had a great reunion.


2004 Reunion

This year’s reunion will be held in Hazelton, Pa. At Gennetti’s Lodges, September 4-7, 2004.


Early arrivals can attend Wednesday, September 3rd for a trip to Atlantic City Casino.  A reduced room-rate of $48.00 (Single or Double) plus tax is available.  Includes a continental breakfast on Thursday morning.


Duffy Facini and his committee are making arrangements for a three-night and two-night package, which includes room, breakfasts, Friday night dinner, Saturday night Banquet, one-hour cash bar with complimentary hors d’oeurs.


Above proposal is tentative and arrangements are in progress.  Duffy and his committee will finalize all costs and services.  Complete details will be mailed to all members in late spring.



Our annual dues remain at $10.00.  You can pay your dues at the reunion or mail to George R. Williams, Treasurer, 10319 Malcom Circle, Apt. H, Cockeysville, Md. 21030.



George Williams reported that our bank balance was approximately $3,700.00 in December 2002.  Some checks are outstanding and bills to be paid.  An updated report will be presented at our annual meeting on Saturday, September 6, 2004.


George is very sensitive to his duties and is very dedicated.  His report will be complete and comprehensive.


In Memorium

Due to recent changes in officers, and deaths, our report is minimal, due to lack of contact.  Please contact Treasurer, George Williams or President, Pete Porreca if you have knowledge of any deaths or illnesses of our comrades and their spouses.


Our former Red Devil President, Tony Cannarozzi and his Wife, Mary passed away within the past year.


Following are deceased from tentative reports.  Please advise if inaccurate.


John Dore-HQ & Service Company

Lester Gerber-Service Company

Lloyd Gray-A Company

Adolph Juergens-HQ

Dr. Donald Silberman-Medics

Peter Yaremich-Service Company

John Kurtek-C Company

Clifford Moyer-C Company

Gordon Pitzer-C Company

Dr. Richard Schroder-Medics

Ed Trunick-Bn.


Dedicated Honorary Member

I called Terry D. Janes, 702nd Red Devils Historian and Author of “Patton’s Troubleshooters” and talked to him for over an hour.  He has contributed more to our battalion and has a better knowledge of our existence than most of our members, including myself.  We are very fortunate in his interest, contributions, and dedication to our Red Devils.


On behalf of the officers, members (Honorary) of the 702nd Tank Battalion, I would like to offer Terry our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the above.


As you know, Terry was a nephew of deceased (KIA) Platoon Sergeant “Pappy” Ream of B Company.


Terry has a “Patton’s Troubleshooters” CD available to use on your computer’s CD drive.  He sent me seven CD’s to view, free of charge.  Following is his company, address and website:

Opinicus Publishing Company

7628 East 52nd Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64129



Feel free to write to him and order these CD’s of our battalion activities.  They are very interesting.


Last Call……..

Again, our ranks are diminishing rapidly.  Please make every effort to attend this year’s reunion.  As our ranks continue to diminish, “Next Year’s” may be our last.


In 1943, we were all fresh out of high school and young recruits.  Today, we are all approaching our 80th Birthday.  See you in Hazelton.



Good Luck! Good Health!  And Good Comradeship!



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