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Lady Luck



Lady Luck III


Mike Szymanski's original "Lady Luck" was knocked out at Argentan when a German anti-tank gun hit it from behind.  The crew bailed out safely, but as Mike says, "We had just found a big slab of bacon and were going to cook it up for breakfast when we got hit.  The bacon got burned up with the tank.  We were so mad about losing that bacon!  I told my gunner, "The next time we find something, we eat it right away!"


That tank was replaced, and Lady Luck II was knocked-out in December 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge when, "A one-star general hopped up on our tank and told us to move forward into the town of Kehman to support the infantry.  I told him a German tank had us zeroed in, but he ordered us to move, and an order is an order.  We hadn't got twenty-five yards when we got hit by an 88mm shell in the right sprocket.  My driver and assistant driver were killed instantly.  The shock of the explosion blew me out of the tank.  If the assistant gunner hadn't taken the full force of the hit, I'd have been gone.  My assistant gunner, Fred Kirkley was on the ground.  He said, "Mike, I'm hurting'."  He died in my arms.  The general, when he saw that, jumped in his jeep and drove off."



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