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The Last Red Devil Tank


The following photos show what is the last remaining tank from A Company, 702nd Tank Battalion, and for that matter, the last intact original Red Devil tank in existence, period. During a recent trip to Europe, Sandy Johnson, Daughter of Lt. Mark Larkin paid a visit to our friend Jean Muller, the Luxembourg Historian. Lt. Larkin had been an original Staff Sergeant in Company A, 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils. Mark Larkin was given a battlefield commission for his bravery and superior leadership, and transferred to Company B, 702nd Tank Battalion as a 2nd Lieutenant. A couple months later, Lt. Larkin was killed in action while leading his tanks against a German position that had the American infantry pinned down. After her visit to her father's grave in the Netherlands, Sandy visited Jean Muller in Luxembourg, where Jean showed her where her father's tank Rollin' Rhino was destroyed, and then paid her visit to this last Red Devil tank at Wiltz. Following that, Sandy and her children went to Germany and visited the spot where her dad died. Lastly, before returning to the States, Sandy stopped in England to visit Ken Pugh and his fleet of 80th Division WW2 vehicles. This last Red Devil tank at Wiltz, Luxembourg had developed mechanical problems during the Battle Of The Bulge, and was stripped of anything useful and abandoned by the 702nd Tank Battalion as they continued their advance. It has been sadly neglected over the years, and mistreated by vandals. We have to hope that the local authorities will restore the tank soon, and preserve her for posterity.


The Last Existing Red Devil Tank




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