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A Proud Red Devil Family

By Terry D. Janes


The following photos come from the Manning Family, via Daughter Peg.  John Manning proudly and faithfully served his nation in World War Two, as a member of the 702nd Tank Battalion "Red Devils", 80th Infantry Division, Blue Ridgers.  Recently, he and his family went to Washington D.C. for the World War Two monument dedication.  The family went to the trouble of having shirts made for each of them, to show their pride in John, and his outfit.  I salute them all!  It's easy to see that the proverbial acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!  I am happy that John has such a devoted family, and that he got to see the monument that was built to honor men like him.  It is long past due, and well deserved!


John Manning is shown here standing on the Driver's Port







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