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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On


12 December 1944


SUBJECT:   Commendation


TO:     Commanding Officers

702nd Tank Battalion

APO #403, U. S. Army



The 702nd Tank Battalion joined the 80th Division on it’s arrival in France four months ago.  Since joining the Division, the Tank Battalion has participated in every action of the Division.  Although the official status of the Battalion is an attached unit, the Division feels that the Battalion is as much a part of the Division as the infantry regiments with which it works.


The development of the Infantry-Tank team in this Division has been outstanding.  The development of the mutual understanding between the Tankers and the Doughboys has been due in a large measure to the fine spirit and cooperation exhibited by the members of the Tank Battalion.  The Tankers have proven themselves to be an efficient, hard-hitting, and aggressive unit which can rightfully be proud of its battle record.


The 702nd Tank Battalion has done an outstanding job; I congratulate you.  I am proud to have you as a part of the 80th Division.  I would not trade the 702nd for any other Tank Battalion in the American Army.


H. L., McBride

Major General, U. S. Army





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