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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On



Vigilant MP Finds Prince Of A Story


Stars and Stripes


“With the 80th infantry Division,


Wide awake MP Sgt. Tom P. Loftus of Diamond, Ohio, stopped a portly man in British uniform riding through a Luxembourg town in a station wagon with a brigadier general’s star on the bumper.  It was a suspicious looking setup, so Sgt. Loftus asked for his credentials.


The ruddy-faced man protested mildly, declaring he was “the Prince of Luxembourg.”  “Yeh, bud,” answered Loftus, “well, I’m General Patton and I want to see your papers pronto!”


The suspect produced his passbook and sure enough, he was Prince Felix of Luxembourg, also a brigadier in the British Army.


Prince Felix commended Sgt. Loftus on his vigilance, shook hands and hit the royal road.”




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