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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On



Broadcast Helps Rout Of Germans


Stars and Stripes


“With the 80th infantry Division,


A psychological warfare sales talk with unrehearsed Air Corps sound effects, helped 80th Division troops to capture Nomeny by convincing the Nazi garrison that the jig was up.


While S/Sgt. William H. Stevens, of New York City, S/Sgt. James E. Tracy of Los Angeles, Cailf., and Driver, Cpl. Johnny Carraway, of Columbia, S.C., were readying their half-track mounted PA System in the town, the Wehrmacht sponsored a pre-broadcast small-arms show.


Stevens and Tracy replied by firing their script at the Nazis, telling them further resistance, at this hour, was useless.  Just as they finished, hundreds of American heavy bombers swarmed overhead.


Taking advantage of the coincidence, Captain Martin J. Wegman, of Pemberville, Ohio, a Regiment S-2 officer, grabbed the mic and warned the Germans the bombers would return to wipe them out unless they surrendered.


When troops entered Nomeny, later that afternoon, they met only feeble resistance.  Prisoners said most of the Nazis had been scared out of town by the broadcast.”



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