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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On



(To The Tune Of The Marine Corps Hymn)


From the shores of the Utah Beach, to the town of Argentan,

From there, we moved to Old Chalons and on across the land.

To the banks of the Moselle, where the 88's did call,

These many, many battles, Red Devil fought them all.


In the middle of September we crossed the Old Moselle,

And moved into the Orchard where many a man did fall.

From Loisy to Mousson Hill, where many men did fall,

These many, many battles, Red Devil fought them all.


On the 8th day of November we shoved off at Nomeny,

And drove all the Germans right back to Germany.

The next big town was Ettlebruck where we helped to close the Bulge,

The many, many battles, Red Devil fought them all.


It was just a short time later, when we fought across the Our,

Crashed through his vaunted Siegfried Line, and gave them a taste of war.

And when this war is over, they're going to think and stall,

Before they fight Red Devil, Red Devil fights them all.


About the first of April, we moved across the Rhine,

And followed the 4th Armored, where we really had a time.

And when we get to Berlin, and no more the bullets fall,

We're going to paint Red Devil, on Hitler's grandest hall.


When the war in Europe is over, we're going to have some fun,

Sailing over to Japan, to put them on the run.

There'll never be an outfit, to compare with us all,

These many, many battles, Red Devil fought them all.




Hear the engines humming,

Hear the bullets whine,

Red Devils moving up again,

They're always on the line.

Hear, those sirens screaming,

And hear the tankers call,

They're going into battle,

Red Devil fights them all.


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