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Robert Michael 


Robert Michael writes of a personal tragedy that led to a lifetime of happiness:


"Our tank was finally knocked out by an 88mm on Dec. 23, 1944 outside of Heiderscheid, during the battle of the Bulge, where I believe our three tanks were out-numbered 8 to 1. Two of the guys in our tank were killed and I was wounded in the legs as well as 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my body and face, my left leg was pretty well shattered.  I was sent to a field hospital and then another hospital where all they could do was keep cleaning my legs.  I was finally taken to a hospital in England near Bristol.


Here, they did a few skin and muscle grafts and splice the bone of my left leg.  It was here that my wife and I were married on March 17, 1945. [Note: Robert had met his wife-to-be in Cannock, England while stationed there in 1944, with the 702nd.]  The whole ward and quite a few wards on either side of us came to the wedding along with as many doctors and nurses as could get off, as the hospital gave us the wedding and reception and a place for the honeymoon."



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