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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On



From the 702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils” Newspaper Issue #1 dated Sunday, July 15, 1945 comes the following, we believe it holds true today-The Editor: 

We Salute Our Flag

“…Enemy propaganda has pointed out and greatly over-emphasized little mistakes we have made.  We do not deny that there may have been times when our flag was misused and dishonored by men who did not understand it’s true meaning, but show us a banner worth waving that has not been stained.


What we have not forgotten is that our flag is the symbol of mankind’s steady and arduous struggles upward.  It stands for all that men have gained since history was first recorded.  It was not born of accident or chance, but out of bitter strife and gallant sacrifice.  Since it’s birth it has been the white hope of downtrodden humanity.  It is our heritage to honor and preserve.


Today it is fitting and proper that it fly over the jungleland of hate, torture and prejudice that was history’s greatest shame.  Cynics and men of little faith will belittle it’s meaning to the future.  They will proclaim there is no freedom; there is no good, but as in the past, they will be swept aside.  Today Old Glory waves along with other flags that share it’s purpose and have absorbed it’s meaning and together they point the way to the bright and happy future, to faith among men, and continued progress and continued peace.”




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