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702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”

Rolling On


From the Gazette Times, July 31, 1945

Those Atrocities


To the Editor:

Today, as I glanced through the July issue of “Army Times”, I noticed that it was almost entirely devoted to the timely topic of German atrocities.  The discussion therein was almost identical to the articles, newsreels, and radio reports that are now being exposed to the public on this subject so I won't bother to recapitulate.  In approximately the middle of the discussion was a statement saying that a goodly portion of the people call the atrocities “propaganda”.  I personally, have seen two of the many German prison camps and I assure any of the skeptical that every word published on German atrocities is true.  I've seen the “bread” upon which the prisoners lived for four years-“Bread”-half sawdust and heavy enough to dent any human stomach.  I've also seen the piles of dead skeleton-like bodies and the mass burning pits.



I truly wish some of these skeptical people could come over here and see for themselves that all news isn't propaganda.  There is nothing I'd rather do than personally conduct a tour of these doubtful armchair workers and nightclub Casanovas through a couple of these camps of death and let them witness for themselves the pungent odor of decaying and burned flesh; let them see the unforgettable sight of hundreds upon hundreds of skeletons, some of whom were your friends and mine, piled in a field atop one another.


Yes, it's an unforgettable sight and no possible revenge we can plan, could fully repay the Nazis for their treachery.  It is indeed a pity that there are some people who still do not realize that we actually had a war over here and that these atrocities are not propaganda, but very, very real - and horrible.  Perhaps it would be wise if certain people would pay a little more attention to the “Wake Up America” posters than to personal entertainment and profiteering!

T/4 Sam E. Graf with “C” Company, “Red Devils”




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