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Lt. J. Edgar Swanin

(24 Dec 1908-11 Sept 1994)


Lt. Swanin was the fuel officer from Headquarters Company, 702nd Tank Battalion "Red Devils".  His job to organize the fuel trucks that hauled gas up to the front lines to the tanks who were actually doing the fighting.  Lt. Swanin very often personally traveled with his fuel trucks to the front lines where it wasn't exactly healthy to be driving a truck full of fuel.  He was a fine officer and was with the unit throughout the war.  After the war, the men of the battalion lost touch with him.  Lt. Swanin was originally from N.Y., and died in 1994 in Pompano Beach, Florida.  He was survived by his wife, Constance C. Swanin.


Rest in peace Edgar, your battles are done.  Thank you for serving your fellow man.  We salute you.



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