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A Legacy Passed Down


Col. Ralph Talbot IV-Photo Courtesy Of Chris Neil


When "Patton's Troubleshooters" was being researched, several Red Devils and I spent a large amount of money and time trying to locate the son of 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils Commander, Col. Ralph Talbot III to no avail.  We knew that Col. Talbot III had died in the 1960's.  Our aim at that time was to see if the son had anything of his father's to contribute to the history.  After publication of the book, our goal changed to finding the son in order to share his father's legacy with him.  Still, no luck.  The Red Devils who were assisting me in this endeavor have all passed on now, men like my mentor and dear friend, Col. Wm. B. "Bull" Miller, Sgt. Amos J. Moore and former Sec./Treasurer of the Red Devil's Association Jim Hardy who wanted badly to see this come about.  Unfortunately, they didn't live to see it happen.  As mentioned in a previous article on this website, thanks to the alertness of Chris Neil, Daughter of Red Devilette Lela Eitel, we have now located Col. Ralph Talbot IV. 


Recently, I asked Chris to present Col. Talbot with my own final personal copy of "Patton's Troubleshooters" on behalf of the men of the 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils.  This book was the very last print copy of the book, a custom hand-bound edition made especially for me.  My bookbinder, an old world craftsman by the name of Elijah Tatum has also since deceased.  Elijah was a fabulous bookbinder, and I miss him sorely.  Inside the book, I inscribed a message to Col. Talbot, telling him about his father's brave men and the legacy they left us all.  Needless to say, as the photo above clearly indicates, he was quite pleased with the book and promised that it will have an honored place in his family's library.  To my old pals, "Bull" Miller, Amos Moore and Jim Hardy, wherever you are, I say, "Mission accomplished, boys!"





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