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Anthony M. "Tony" Tallerico

Company B, 702nd Tank Battalion


Tony Tallerico (on right) At War's End


The following item came to me from my dear friend, Louis Tallerico, Son of the late Tony Tallerico of B Co., 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils. The certificate below was an unknown event to me, that kind of got lost in history. The ship carrying troops home from the war, USAT Athos II was damaged in a hurricane on the way home to the States, and it's passengers were stranded in the Azores until a second ship could come along and take them the rest of the way home. Sadly, Tony was killed in an auto-accident not long after the war. Tony was very well-liked by his fellow members of Company B. His Son, Louis has spent many long hours during his life in an effort to learn about Tony. Since I had never heard of this hurricane event, I figured my readers would find it interesting as well. Thanks Lou!





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