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Sampson C. Willoughby 


Thanks to our friend Gayalan Wojtowicz whose sharp eye found this, and who sent it to 80th Division Assn. Secretary/Editor Bob Murrell, and then he in turn forwarded it to me; we have the following obituary for a 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devil whom I have never heard of before.  The records from back then were sporadic at best, and in over 20 years of research, this man's name never showed up.  However, it seems that he had served the 702nd.  He would have been a replacement soldier, and just never made it into the records.


"Sampson C. Willoughby, 21, of southwest Bartholomew County graduated from Columbus High School in 1942 and worked at Noblitt-Sparks Industries before entering the service March 11, 1943. He was serving with a tank battalion in the 80th Division in Germany for about two months when he wrote his parents that he could not answer all of their questions but for them to watch the newspaper accounts of the fighting.  He was killed March 5, 1945.  Survivors included his fiancée."


Rest in peace Sampson, your battles are done.  Thank you for serving your fellow man.  We salute you.



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