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Edward Wizda

Company C, 702nd Tank Battalion


 On May 27, 1942, Edward Wizda was named Valedictorian at his high school.

A year later, he was serving our nation in Company C, 702nd Tank Battalion


Many people have read my book, "Patton's Troubleshooters".  One of the 702nd Tank Battalion Journals I drew from for my book, was that of Company C, 702nd Tank Battalion.  The author of that journal was Ed Wizda.  Throughout the book, I refer to it as the Wizda Diary or Journal.  All companies in the battalion were ordered to keep such a journal.  All but one company's journals were kept by multiple writers.  Nobody really wanted the job, so generally, it was assigned to whomever was least busy with other duties.  The one exception was Company C.  Ed Wizda was assigned the task of recording the company journal, and he did so with gusto!  Thanks to Ed's dedication, posterity has a much clearer idea of what Company C experienced.  Recently, Ed celebrated his 80th Birthday!  His Son, David was kind enough to send me these photos, so that we can all now put a face to the great writing Ed did in the journal.  I wish Ed a very happy birthday, and sincerely hope he has many, many more in great health!  My thanks to David for sending these in!






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