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80th Division POW Camp

Lambach, Austria May 1945

Camp For German 71st Infantry Division


I purchased the following photo, which came from the estate of the late Maj. Bob Rawls of the 80th Division's 305th Combat Engineer Battalion.  The photo, and the enlarged ones following it are of the POW Camp established by the 80th Division at Lambach, Austria in May 1945.  This camp held the German 71st Infantry Division.  As you can see, there is no barbed wire, and no visible guards.  The German 6th Army had surrendered to the 80th Division, and peacefully came into custody.  The German soldiers were glad to be out of reach of the Russian Army, and behaved with honor while in 80th Division control.  A little relaxation in the Austrian Alps was no doubt a welcome change to this unit which had fought on the Eastern Front.







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