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Agricultural School

Ettelbruck, Luxemburg


I was recently contacted by Mr. Fred Fey, of the Agricultural School in Ettelbruck, Luxemburg, also known as the "Lycée technique agricole" in French.  The school will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2008.  For that purpose, they intend to publish a book retracing the history of the school.  Mr. Fey is about to write an article about the school during WWII and has found some information, but would be glad and grateful if anyone could remember this school or tell a story about it, as it was an army depot before the Bulge and later a field hospital and especially as 318th IR, 80th ID freed Ettelbruck on Christmas 1944.  The College was bombed that same day by a U.S. plane.  There was damage on the back of the building and the roof burned down.  The remainder of the 318th Infantry Regiment held the area around Ettelbruck, the southern sector of the Battle of The Bulge, while it's main force accompanied the 4th Armored Division in it's drive to relieve Bastogne.  702nd Tank Battalion tanks of Company B, remained in the Ettelbruck area to reinforce the infantry.  Anyone who does remember this school, or Ettelbruck itself, are encouraged to contact the webmaster.  The people of Luxemburg have always been kind and gracious to American G.I.'s & Veterans and their families.  If you can help with information, please do so!







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