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Albert B. Taylor

Company C, 1st Bn., 318th Regiment



I got a request from the family of Albert B. Taylor, Company C, 1st Battalion, 318th Infantry Regiment who was killed in action on November 11, 1944 for any information about this man.  He was 21 years old at his death and hailed from Douglas, Georgia.  From the 702nd Tank Battalion records of that day's action comes the following: 11 November, Morville - After fairly rough going yesterday, we are up early, prepared our own meals from 10 in 1 rations.  By 8:00 A.M., we have started our next attack from ground Northeast of Jubille.  Working with the 1st Battalion, 318th Infantry Regiment, Thionville was taken at 11:30.  We continued our attack on our next objective, Morville.  The town was taken at 1:20 P.M., capturing 150 Germans and killing 100.  In the attack, we lost one tank.  It was hit 5 times by an anti-tank gun.  Sgt. Tehan and Pvt. Butts were seriously wounded and were evacuated by the 6th Armored  Medics.  Sometime later, the tank was strafed by our own aircraft, the tank caught fire and burned.  We then deployed in defensive positions on the outskirts of town.  We maintained roving guards for the night.  So ends another day."  From his obituaries:


Pvt. Albert B. Taylor Killed in Action


War has come close to the mother of Pvt. Albert B. Taylor when she had a recent message from the War Department stating that he had been killed in France on Nov. 11th, Armistice Day.  Pvt. Taylor was the oldest son of Mrs. Bessie Lupo Taylor and the late Archie B. Taylor of Nashville, and a grandson of the late Mr. And Mrs. J. M. Lupo of this city.  Prior to his induction into the army he attended the Douglas High School and was then employed by the Hom-Ond store.  He has been in service in the Infantry for about a year and had not been overseas long when his life was sacrificed on the field of battle.  His mother had just had a letter from him, telling her of life in the fox holes and how he prayed for an early end of the war.  He made a request for chocolate candy and fried chicken in his Christmas box and requested that it be large enough to divide with some of his buddies.  He was in the first battle on October 26 and at that time captured a German and took some money from him.  Just a boy when he left home, but he will sleep on foreign soil just as many of the world's finest boys will do-the price of freedom from Nazism for Americans.  His only brother is James Lang Taylor, a student in the ninth grade of Douglas High School.


Albert B. Taylor


A military funeral will be held in Douglas next Sunday morning at 11:00 for A. B. Taylor, who died Nov. 11, 1994 in Metz, France while in the service of his county.  Young Taylor was 21 years of age at the time of his death.  He was serving in the 80th Division, Company C, 318th Infantry.  Born in Jacksonville, Fla., he is the son of Archie B. Taylor and Mrs. Bessie Lupo Taylor.  Last rites will be conducted at Sims Funeral Home with the Rev. O. C. Mingledorff and Rev. B. E. Donehoo officiating.  A military escort from the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars will participate in the services.  Burial will be in the City Cemetery.  In addition to his parents, the deceased is survived by one brother, J. L. Taylor; four half brothers, P. T. Nellie, Chester and Marvin Taylor of Jacksonville, Fla.  Sims Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements.


Submitted by Brenda Taylor deCastro


If anyone knew this man, or can help shed light on his last days, please contact the Webmaster and I will forward it to the family.  Thank you!




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