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Pvt. Charles Garland Brinkley

318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division

KIA 27th January 1945




I was contacted by the family of Pvt. Charles Garland Brinkley, 318th Regiment who was KIA 27th January 1945 during the Battle of the Bulge.  They would like to hear from anyone, or learn whatever they can about this man, and the circumstances of his death.  "We know that he began Infantry training on 10 July 1944 and graduated Infantry training on 10 November 1944.  He was then posted to Fort Meade and on or about 8 December 44 transitioned out and by the 16th of December 1944, the day the Bulge started, he was underway with the Company H, 318th Infantry.  His last letter on 19 January 1945 was from C Company 318th Infantry Regiment by V-Mail from Europe.  He was killed in action on Saturday 27 January 1945 and we believe that it might have been in the push on Hosingen in Luxembourg.  His commander, Colonel Luckette, and the 318th Chaplain wrote to our mom after his death but I don't know from what unit.  We think that it may have been C Co. 1st Bn 318th Infantry, but are not sure."  If you can be of help, please contact the webmaster.  Thank you!


Pvt. Brinkley's Grave Has Been Adopted By Our Friend, Sebastiaan Vonk



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