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Pvt. Jadie R.F. Cauthron

317th Infantry Regiment

Company E

KIA January 21, 1945



Pvt. Jadie R.F. Cauthron (shown above on the left) was from Nashville, Tn.  His great-granddaughter writes, "He was assigned to the 317th Regt., Co. E, (2nd Battalion) sometime in November 1944.  We know that he arrived in France on Nov. 3rd.  He was killed on Jan. 21, 1945 near Dirbach in Luxembourg after the 2nd Battalion was ordered to seize the bridges there over the Sure River.  I would very much like to locate anyone who may have knew him.  Also, interested in finding out more about what happened with Company E on Jan. 21, 1945."


From my book, is the following reference:


The 80th Division G-3 reports state that on the 20th, eight P.O.W.’s were taken, on the 21st, one hundred-six were taken, and on the 22nd, another sixteen were taken.  According to the 80th Division G-2: "The enemy was completely cleared from 80th Division's zone south of the Sure River on 20-21 January.  Enemy artillery fire remained moderate.  A general withdrawal towards the Siegfried Line was now apparent along the entire front.  In rear areas, large concentrations of vehicular and horse-drawn movement to the East was observed."


From the S-2 Journal: “January 21; 3-30am-At Merzig.  Schu-mines in unknown number and pattern approximately 50 to 100 yards east of the road at 787473, approximately 700 yards north of the water tower at 786464.  8:57am-six rounds of timed fire at 778455 at 8:15am.  8:58am-German artillery in large quantities falling in Bourscheid.  9:41am-200-300 troops and four tanks moving southwest at 834466 at 8:45am.  Counterattack reported at 824485.  9:50am-concentrations of troops on the high ground in the vicinity of Lepperscheid 815485-estimated 300 troops.  10:23am-reported counterattack-two companies of infantry and some tanks forming in the vicinity of 823482.  10:28am-bridge at Michelan blown.  Also, railroad bridge at 828443 blown.  11:23am-fourteen horse-drawn carts pulled into Constheken from the northeast at 11:00am.  11:40am-two wagons drawn by four horses on road from Hoschied to Niederscheider, at 11:35am.  11:42am-several rounds of nebelwerfer received at 11:30am by Hamper.  11:43am-six rounds of nebelwerfer came from the vicinity of Bourscheid at 11:20am.  11:53am-bridges intact from A12773 to R62778.  12:55pm-P.O.W. states Derbach held by 212th Fusilier Battalion relieved 1st Battalion, 208th Regiment and Fusilier Company, 79th Division.  212th Fusilier Battalion arrived two days ago.  4:30pm-German machine gun firing from woods at 779486.  4:33pm-German tanks in the vicinity of Masselcaw, firing at Bockholtz-exact position cannot be determined yet.  5:00pm-heavy small arms fire received from north and south of the road at 755498, at 4:30pm.  5:28pm-approximately sixty Germans going from 759493 at 4:30pm.  6:00pm-twelve rounds nebelwerfer falling in Tadler.  At 4:45pm, there was small arms fire in Kehmen.  6:22pm-bridge at 818474 blown at 818472, estimated two companies of Germans in the vicinity of the houses.  German troops in house at 814464.  6:25pm-six rounds of nebelwerfer in woods at 731513.  Sniper fire received from 731515.  11:00pm-Germans cleared out of zone south of Sure River during the period.  Artillery moderate.  Heavy concentrations of nebelwerfer received northwest of Kehmen.


If you knew Pvt. Cauthron, or can shed further light on the activites of Company E, 317th on January 21, 1945, please contact the webmaster, and I will pass it along to his family.



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