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Lt. Noah Webster Collett

By Terry D. Janes



Lieutenant Noah Webster Collett Jr. of Salisbury, North Carolina, was with Company H, 319th Infantry and was KIA on 11 October 1944.  He was buried in Andilly Cemetery in France (near Nancy) and was repatriated in 1947.  From the following entry in the 702nd Tank Battalion Intelligence Journal, it is believed that Lt. Collett was killed in action on Hill 240.  From the S-2 Journal: October 11; "8:00am-newly dug German position observed at the south edge of Raucourt (U8837) and foxholes observed from U830390 to U836392.  7:10pm-three German planes flew over our artillery and anti-aircraft guns.  Machine guns and anti-aircraft guns shot at the planes.  10:00pm-319th Infantry repulsed a counterattack on Hill 240 and regained lost ground.  Heavy German artillery and mortar fire on Hill 240, and intermittent artillery and mortar fire throughout the division area.  Midnight-units in contact: 7th Company of the 38th SS Panzer Regiment, located north of Eply-a total of nine German aircraft over division area.  Commander in Chief reports that radio sets with grenades attached to knobs that must be rotated to open case, have been found in First U.S. Army sector."  If anyone knew this officer or anything about him, the family would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Please contact the Webmaster if you have any information that might be helpful!




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