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List Of Enemy Units Fought By

Patton's Troubleshooters


The following is a list of the known units, which were met in combat by the various units of the 80th Infantry Division, otherwise known as "Patton's Troubleshooters".  This list should not be considered comprehensive, but rather a fair representation of most of the enemy units fought.  Any duplication indicates a separate occasion when the same unit was encountered again.  Many other units, and sub-units were encountered, but not recorded:


9th  Panzer Division

708th  Infantry Regiment

708th  Infantry Division

9th  SS Panzer Division

17th  SS Panzer Grenadier Division

116th  Panzer Division

48th  Infantry Division

15th  Panzer Grenadier Division

3rd  Panzer Grenadier Division

29th  Panzer Grenadier Regiment

2nd  Panzer Division

49th  SS Brigade

3rd  Parachute Replacement Regiment

553rd  Division

38th  SS Regiment

92nd  German Air Force Regiment


17th  SS Reconnaissance Battalion

559th  Division

1431st  Fortress Battalion

48th  Division

37th  SS Division

11th  Panzer Division

148th  Division

36th  Volks Grenadier Division

268th  Artillery Regiment, 36th  Volks Grenadier Division

36th  Infantry Division

347th  Infantry Division

476th  Engineer Battalion

353rd  Infantry Division

34th  Panzer Grenadier Regiment

60th  Infantry Battalion

48th  Regiment

553rd  Volks Grenadier Division

115th  Panzer Grenadier Regiment, 15th  Panzer Grenadier Div.

38th  SS Panzer Regiment

1431st  Fortress Battalion

126th  Regiment

42nd  Anti Aircraft Regiment

148th  Artillery Regiment

38th  Fortress Battalion

36th  Division

108th  Panzer Brigade

118th  Regiment

36th  Engineer Battalion

36th  Fusiliers Company

165th  Regiment

1797th  Reconnaissance Battalion

37th  SS Regiment

17th  Artillery Regiment

352nd  Volks Grenadier Division

914th  Regiment

7th  German Army


5th  Parachute Division

Fuehrer Grenadier Brigade

79th  Volks Grenadier Division "Katzenberg"

226th  Regiment

Unidentified Panzer Division(believed to be either 9th  SS,

10th  SS, 15th  Pz. Gren., or 21st  Pz.)

915th  Regiment

212th  Infantry Regiment

226th  Volks Grenadier Regiment, 79th  Division

2nd  SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment, 1st  SS Division

208th  Volks Grenadier Regiment

5th  Parachute Engineer Battalion

36th  Regiment

519th  Assault Gun Battalion, Fuehrer Grenadier Brigade

276th  Volks Grenadier Division

9th  Volks Grenadier Division

Der Fuehrer Brigade

986th  Regiment

916th  Division

987th  Regiment

9th  Volks Grenadier Regiment

519th  G.H.Q. Heavy A.T. Battalion

406th  Volks Artillery Corps

Various German espionage/sabotage teams

6th  SS Division

12th  SS Division

1352nd  Artillery Regiment

1130th  Volks Grenadier Regiment

36th  Regiment

915th  Regiment

116th  Regiment

316th  Regiment

212th  Division

560th  Division

352nd  Division

9th  Division

320th  Regiment

79th  Volks Grenadier Division

57th  Regiment

945th  Regiment

915th  Regiment

1352nd  Anti Tank Battalion

116th  Regiment

9th  Volks Grenadier Division

2nd  Panzer Division

57th  Regiment

5th  Parachute Division

3rd  Panzer Regiment

2nd  Panzer Grenadier Regiment

79th  Volks Grenadier Division

208th  Regiment

135th  Artillery Regiment

352nd  Volks Grenadier Division

560th  Volks Grenadier Division

501st  Ordnance Company

2nd  Mountain Division

136th  Regiment

416th  Artillery Regiment

6th  SS Mountain Division "Nord"

12th  SS Mountain Regiment

677th  Mountain Division

38th  SS Regiment, 17th  SS Panzer Division

Kampfgruppe Huebner

Kampfgruppe Jend

1st  German Army

172nd  Training Division

Land Pioneers

5th  Parachute Division

Miscellaneous Volkssturm Forces

3465th  Fortress Infantry Battalion

Kassel Garrison

405th  March Battalion

Kampfgruppe Obetz

Kampfgruppe Felles

71st  Training Regiment

Kampfgruppe Opitz

German Air Force Replacement Battalion III

38th  SS Division "Nibelungen"

Hitler Youth(force of 500)

Miscellaneous Werewolves

Kietel Brigade

1st  SS Division

12th  SS Hitler Jugend

1st  SS Corps

6th  SS Army

6th  German Army

1st  Mountain Division

9th  Mountain Division

1st  Panzer Division

3rd  Panzer Division

5th  SS Division "Viking"

1st  Ukrainian Division

Miscellaneous Brigades

Miscellaneous Kampfgruppes

Cossack Division





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