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Fred S. Foerster

3rd Plat., Co. E, 2nd Bn.,

317th Regt., 80th Div.

KIA Sept. 13, 1944


I have had a request for information from the son of a Blue Ridger who was killed in action during the action on September 13, 1944.  If you can help this man with any information about his father, please do.  Send any information to me at the website address, and I will forward it on to him.  He writes, "Thank you for the very nice and informative letter.  My fathers war buddy, Murphy Aloysius Ciesielski, his correct name, stayed in touch with us for years.  He was wounded a day or so before my dad was killed.  He went back to the battle zone to try and find my father and another of the three close friends; a John Barber, to be told they were both killed on the 13th.  Murphy was told that my dad was shot between the eyes by a sniper.  Murphy has long since passed.   My mother, who passed in 2004, told me that the night before my dad was killed she had a dream seeing a soldier crawling on her bedroom ceiling.  She felt something was wrong!  When she received the wire she knew what it all meant."


In the following pages, I present photos from the collection of Fred Foerster, some of which are identified.  Many are not identified.  If you recognize anyone, or knew Fred Foerster or can help provide this family with information on this man, please contact the Webmaster, and I will pass it along to the family.  Thank you!



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