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James M. Morgan

Medical Detachment, 319th Regiment


Regarding the "Battle of the Bulge" comes this, from James M. Morgan, Medical Detachment, 319th Regiment;  "I was a jeep driver.  My job was to move the wounded from the front lines to the aid stations.  My most vivid memory of World War II was in the "Battle of the Bulge" in Heiderscheid, Luxembourg.  During the night of December 22nd, we went behind enemy lines, and cut the main highway.  We also took the town to hold.  We had to call in our artillery on our own positions.  We only had the 2nd Battalion there, but we were able to hold our positions against overwhelming odds.


My 2nd Lieutenant asked me if I would go pick up three wounded Germans.  He phrased it such that I did not have to, but that it would be in my best interest if I did.  He said that I might get a medal.  The road was a solid sheet of ice.  It was down a hill about 1.5 miles under enemy observation.  A bomb crater had taken out about half of the road where I had to turn in, at the first house, and the Germans had zeroed it in.  I downshifted the Jeep to second gear, then low and turned the ignition off and jumped out.  I out-ran the Jeep, went through the front door, and no sooner than the door closed, a shell went off right behind my Jeep.  It blew all my tires out, with the exception of the left front.  It even got my spare tire!


My Jeep had thirty-two holes in it.  I proceeded to ask if the Germans had been searched.  They indicated that they had been.  We loaded them into the Jeep.  Two were on stretchers, and the other sat up in the seat.  I kept my eyes on him.  It was a big problem to drive the Jeep with three flat tires.  It would go to the right awhile, and then to the left.  The only way it would pull itself was in front wheel drive, and in low range.  With the throttle wide open, it made about ten miles per hour!  When I finally arrived at the aid station, we searched the Germans and found two loaded pistols on them.  From that time on, I always searched P.O.W.'s myself.  I received the Bronze Star Medal for that trip."



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