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Eugene C. Kazanecki


The 512th Field Artillery Battalion’s first firing positions were five miles north of Orleans.  Two men were killed on the trip in a truck accident caused by heavy dust.  The battalion was reinforcing the fires of the 80th Division Artillery.  They fired a fifteen minute concentration in support of the 80th Division's Moselle River crossing, were picked up by German counter battery unit and sustained enemy counter-battery fire which killed two men.  On the 17th of September the Battalion was attached to the 410th Field Artillery Group reinforcing the fires of the 35th Division Artillery. 


Captain Baker, at the battalion CP, noticed a general withdrawal of German troops to the north.  The targets became so lucrative that other artillery and air corps were called in.


On the 24th of September, the battalion was once again attached to the 404th Field Artillery Group reinforcing the fires of the 313th Field Artillery Battalion. of the 80th Division.  On the 8th of November the 80th Division attacked across the Seille River following a most intense artillery preparation.  The next day the Battalion Commander and party reconned across the river where the Battalion Commander's jeep was blown up when it struck a mine.  The driver and one engineer were casualties.  The weather throughout this operation was rainy and foggy.  The ground condition made it necessary to winch every truck and gun into position.  In late November, overshoes were procured for the men which decreased the threat of mass casualties from trench foot. 


At the beginning of December, the battalion was reinforcing the fires of the 905th Field Artillery Battalion of  the 80th Division.  On 7 December they were once again with the 404th Group in General Support of the 35th Division.  Twice in December the battalion transferred 20 men to the Infantry Training Center at Metz.  During the German winter offensive in the Ardennes, the battalion had several blackout night-time motor marches of as much as 35 miles to parts of Luxembourg.  They experienced an accidental bombing by our P-47's.      


On the 12th of January, Company "A" of the 702nd Tank Battalion was attached to the 512th Field Artillery.  On he 19th of January, the battalion entered Germany southwest of Bollendorf.  On the 24th of January all men were issued special winter mittens.  That was the same day the air O.P. reported the movement of 150 to 200 German Infantry with four tracked vehicles.  Artillery fire was adjusted on the Germans disabling the vehicles and causing 100 to 125 German casualties.  On the 24th of January, the battalion was assigned to general support of the 5th Infantry Division.



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