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315th Field Artillery Battalion

1st Sgt. Thomas Chester McKinsey


Marion Hess, Daughter of 1st Sergeant Thomas C. McKinsey sent us the following photos and information about her late father.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Marion.  If anyone remembers her dad, please contact the webmaster, and I will pass it on to Marion.


1st Sgt. Thomas "Chet" McKinsey


Marion Hess, Daughter of 1st Sgt. McKinsey writes, "Other people in dad's unit were;


Radio Section: S/Sgt. Russel E. Hand

Wire Section: S/Sgt. John W. Anderson

Mess Sgt. Carl Hyde

Motors S/Sgt. Leo D. Jones

Operations and FDC M/Sgt. Michael J. Tomczak

Supply Sgt. William J. Stanley

Personnel T/Sgt. Clyde R. Smith

Air Liason S/Sgt. Charles Heathcoat

Inst. & Survey S/Sgt. Robert A. Wolfe

Btry HQ Cpl. Joseph Wende

1st Lt. Warren M. Pettengill

1st Lt. Vincent E. Knox

2nd Lt. Kenneth C. Hanna

1st Sgt. Francis J. DeSio



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