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S/Sgt. Dean C. Midey

By Terry D. Janes



Staff Sergeant Dean C. Midey, born April 10, 1926 in Cuba, N.Y., died on December 8, 2001, and lived in Seneca Falls, N.Y.  S/Sgt. Midey served in Company A, 317th Infantry Regiment 80th Division from 23 August 44 as a Squad Leader.  S/Sgt. Midey was wounded on March 18, 1945.  The 702nd Tank Battalion, Company A was attached to the 317th Regiment.  According to A Company's Journal for March 18, 1945: 18 March 1945-Germany; Location--NAMBORN (57-03) 1st and 2nd Platoons left Selbach at 1600 and cleared this town by 1800. The trains left Selbach at 1700 and arrived at Namborn at 1830.  Tanks left Namborn at 0500 and arrived a Freisen (65.06.5) at 1000.  The trains left Namborn at 0930 and arrived at Reitcheid at 1015."  S/Sgt. Midey survived his wounds and left the Army from the Ft. Dix, N.J. Separation Center on 11 June 1946.  If anyone remembers this man, or has any further information on him, please contact the Webmaster.





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