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Tribute To Don Schoo


Donald Schoo is a unique man.  During the war, Don was a gunner on a half-track outfitted with a quad-mount .50 caliber anti-aircraft machinegun in the 633rd A.A.A., A.W. Battalion, 80th Infantry Division in World War Two.  It was his job to protect Patton’s Troubleshooters from enemy aircraft, and when circumstances dictated, he’d lower his guns and fire against ground-targets as well.  Four “Fifties” firing in unison is a sight to behold.


Since the war, Don worked as a city policeman, and later worked for a major university, and is active in veterans groups.  His community spirit doesn’t end there.  Don has made it his personal mission to tell the story of World War Two to successive generations of young people.  Don lectures to community groups and students.  When Don talks to groups, he carries along a few props, such as a German flag to help the audience visualize the story.  Don always carries two books of reference, one by Stephen E. Ambrose, and “Patton’s Troubleshooters”, By Terry D. Janes.  To help Don in his mission, it was our pleasure to donate 200 CD-ROM copies of “Patton’s Troubleshooters” for Don to pass out to students.


Don Schoo has been the recipient of many honors, but we would like to thank him here, for his selfless devotion to the cause of educating young people about World War Two.  Don is a great man, and it is our great pleasure to know him and call him friend.



Don Schoo Discusses A Subject Sadly Neglected In American Schools-World War Two.  Learning History From One Who Has Lived It, Makes It Real For These Students.  Don Get’s Many Questions From His Audience, And Usually Has A Good Answer.  We Need More Gentlemen Like Don!  Thank You, Don!




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