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Captain Edward Washington Stewart Jr.

ServiceCompany, 317th Infantry Regiment

80th Infantry Division



Thanks to the proud son of Captain Edward Stewart Jr., we have these photos from Captain Stewart’s estate to share with you.  Not only are they important historically, but they may just provide some family with a photograph and answers to their questions about their family member.  As always, I strongly urge anyone who has photos or information about the 80th Division and its attached units to share those important bits of history with us, for the very same reasons.  My sincere gratitude goes out to CWO3(R) Ed Stewart, USCG, of Kennesaw, GA. for sharing his father’s mementoes with us!  Capt. Stewart, O332977, was commissioned in June, 1935, following graduation from the Oak Ridge Military Institute (Greensboro, SC).  He received the Bronze Star, four Campaign Stars on his ETO Medal, and the Combat infantryman's Badge for his WWII service.  After the war, he remained in the Reserves, joined the National Guard in the early 1950s (119th Regt. of the 30th Division), and passed away in 1970 at the age of 55.

Terry D. Janes



 Luxembourg?  JAN/FEB '45? Stewart, Borchek


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