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Looking For Help


The following came to me from my friend Virgil Myers, Commander of 80th Post #47-Florida, and President of Chapter #32 VBOB-West Florida on behalf of Mr. Schmidt.  I have made minor corrections to Mr. Schmidt's grammar:


The government of the state of Thuringia, the local teacher's education institution and the memorials Buchenwald and Dora haven initiated a student competition by the name of "Thuringia, April 1945".  The goal of this competition is to get students interested in the events that took place during that month, the death marches, the liberation of the camps, the end of the war and the invasion of the American liberators.  The students (grade 9-12. ages 15 to 18) are asked to find witnesses of events that took place in their area. The students should interview them and thus find a way into the subject. The local point of view is meant as a trigger for realizing the importance and proximity of historical events to their own lives.  They should then produce a text, film, online presentation, etc., about their findings.  The end of the competition will be April 2005 and the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the camps.  Another institution, which is involved in these activities, is the University of Jena.  On April 10th, 2005 commemorations will take place in Weimar and Buchenwald, in which veterans of the US-Army will be involved.  The governments of Germany and Thuringia will organize these events.


Dear veterans and dear friends,

Now we are looking for servicemen of U.S. Army who passed our area of Weimar and Buchenwald from April to July 1945.  We would be glad to contact them and to receive some more information about this time. Your stories, and copies of reports, pictures and letters are welcome for the planning competition and exhibition to make the competition successful.  We would be happy to hear from you.

Bernd Schmidt


U.S. Veterans Friends Germany Assn.

Kurt-Nehrling-Str. 62

D-99423 Weimar







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