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Patton's Troubleshooters

Collectors Edition DVD Video 

This DVD video contains all the existing film footage of the 80th Division and attached units such as the 702nd Tank Battalion in action, plus a general overview of Patton's Third Army!  Months in the making, the video and audio have been re-edited from scratch, to make this the best version yet!   Plus, it is a full $45.00 less in price than it's original release price!  See Ordering Information At The Bottom Of This Page!   Order today and help support this website!


DVD Price-$9.99 +S&H  *Free Bonus!  Get a free copy of "Patton's Troubleshooters" CD-ROM Book with each "Patton's Troubleshooters" DVD ordered!


During World War Two, U.S. Army Signal Corps cameramen using old 16mm film cameras followed along with Patton’s Troubleshooters recording what they could.  This film footage was silent, and shot in black & white on hand-held cameras under extreme wartime conditions.  Supposedly “lost”, the aged, badly deteriorated film was rescued from oblivion and converted to digital video.  During his research for the book, “Patton’s Troubleshooters”, Terry D. Janes collected audio recordings of the former combat soldiers he interviewed.  These recordings were made on location, using equipment of poor quality by today’s standards, but recorded by the men themselves.  After much editing and noise reduction, these old tapes were also rescued from oblivion and digitized.  Even with today’s technology, this is not some slick studio production, but real history recorded by those who lived it!  The result of this restoration effort is a DVD video showing Patton’s Troubleshooters in action, and following them as they battled their way across Europe, from Argentan, through France and Germany, the Nazi death camp at Ebensee, scenes of Patton himself, to meeting the Soviet Army at war’s end, this video shows it all.  This is video you won’t see anywhere else!  Hear experienced combat veterans tell how it really was, the good and the bad.  Warning: The Ebensee death camp scenes are disturbing, and may not be suitable for small children.  Also, these videos contain some strong language.


Please Note: This is restored archival footage from badly deteriorated film.  These videos are compiled from very old films & audiotapes, and therefore contain imperfections related to the originals.  Every effort has been made to improve them without taking away from their original character.  You will see a flutter in the top section of the video that is due to the deterioration of the old film.  This has been reduced tremendously, but cannot be removed with current technology.  As technology advances, we may be able to improve it even more at some future date.  Our DVD’s are recorded on the highest quality DVD-R/+R media using the highest quality equipment available for maximum compatibility with most modern home DVD-TV players and PC’s.  Our DVD’s are recorded one at a time, inspected and tested to ensure you receive a quality product. Our video is in "interlace" mode, to optimize it for PC's and HDTV. If you display it on a standard TV, you may notice a slightly darker picture.  Merely adjust your set's brightness/contrast accordingly.  This is a limitation of standard television sets.  HDTV and PC users should see it at it's best.


Now, at last you can see and hear what World War Two was really like for Patton’s Troubleshooters!


Selected Scenes From The Video






Order your own copy of this piece of history today!  Makes a great gift, or donation to your local library or educational institution!


This Video Makes The Perfect Companion To The Patton’s Troubleshooters Book, Which Comes Free With Every Patton's Troubleshooters DVD Video!


Sales of these products help to support this website, and allows us to continue to educate and inform the public about the great sacrifices made by these brave American boys called “Patton’s Troubleshooters”, and the gift of freedom they gave us all.  We thank you for your support!


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Patton's Troubleshooters

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