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Last Run for “Liberty Run”


– Tragedy over the clouds –


This story is dedicated to Lewis M. Walker, Joseph J. Doyle and Henry C. Mathis Jr.


On September 13, 1944, while Patton’s Troubleshooters were battling it out at the Moselle River in France, another battle was taking place.  Those of you who have read the story about the battle which occurred near the village of Grossenritte, Germany between Red Devil tankers and a German flak crew, will remember there was a mention of a downed Allied aircraft which crashed nearby.  No one from the area seemed to know much about this bomber.  The dead crewmen were extracted from the wreckage and buried in the nearby Civilian Protestant Cemetery of Gudensberg.  The war progressed, and this bomber and it’s crew seemed to be forgotten in the turmoil.  However, some people didn’t forget.  Some German civilians continued to visit and care for these graves.  The average German civilian had reason to hate bomber crews.  Many German cities were levelled, and countless lives were lost.  However, in spite of this, the graves of these “unknown” bomber crewmen are treated with honor.


The “Liberty Run” with another crew, just sixteen days before it’s fateful flight.



(Rear L-R) 2nd Lt. Donald B. Beers, 1st Lt. Lewis M. Walker, 2nd Lt. Joseph J. Doyle, 2nd Lt. Abraham Wodinsky (Front L-R) T/Sgt Albert J. Lunday, S/Sgt Arthur C. Reckert, S/Sgt Walter L. Hundley, S/Sgt Henry C. Mathis, Jr., T/Sgt James W. Sublett, unknown


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