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2nd Lt. Donald B. Beers Prison ID Card


1st Lt. Carl V. Nielsen's Prison ID Card


The following items were taken from Beers and Nielsen:


Parts of throat microphone, 2 bags of food, 2 locked bags with the letter ”F” painted on them, 1 lighter, 1 money-bag which contained the following items: 5 parts of identifications cards with the name Carl. V. Nielsen, 5 amateur pictures, Liv. Sterl. 14– in banknotes, Liv. Sterl. 10– in banknotes, 4 Half Crown in coins, 1 Shilling in a coin.  They did not take away the cigarettes from Beers and Nielsen.  Major Rohde from the air base Rothwesten had taken the wristwatches from them.  In the crash area, 3 parachutes and 2 flying suits were also located.  A few hours later, P-51 Fighter Pilot David Malcolm Fry joined them in the Kassel jail.  He had been flying escort for “Liberty Run’s” mission.  He was shot down at 1300 hours near the village Berndshausen, few Kilometers south of Kassel.  


The story of Lt. Fry – an eyewitness report was written by the German researcher Mr. Rudolph in 1992:


”I went to school in Sippershausen near Berndshausen on that day.  Suddenly, we heard the loud howling of aircraft engines, then the sound of machine guns.  We would run to the classroom window, tried to see anything, but the teacher forced us back, it was too dangerous.  Sure, this was O.K., but we would like to see what was going on outside...  As the lessons were over, we heard about an American fighter plane that was shot down near the village Berndshausen.  Some men from the Landwacht of the village Dickershausen were on the way to a place call Schellenberg to arrest the pilot who bailed out with his chute.  We followed them, to see what happened next.  The soldiers from the Landwacht came too late.  Mr. Bubenhain from the village Ostheim, an overseer from a group of foreign field workers had saved the pilot and brought him to the village Berndshausen in a room of the guesthouse Ruebekoenig.  Some people from this village were playing with the idea to make worse things for this pilot, but the overseer, Mr. Bubenhain protected Lt. Fry from these kinds of people.  From this place, they made a phone-call to the airport Fritzlar and told them about that downed pilot.  Soldiers from the airport came and brought Lt. Fry away.”


(Note: In the last months of WWII, the German Luftwaffe was very weak and the planes didn't have enough fuel to protect the territories.  In those days, groups of American fighter planes and fighter-bomber flew raids against smaller villages, bombed the houses of the residents and attacked civilians who worked on the fields.  This was one of the reasons, why some of the residents were not so friendly with downed Allied pilots if something like that happened in the surrounding area).


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