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Our Sister


For Norse-Viking history, knowledge, collectables, art, antiques, beauty & health items, the Viking's World is the place to go!


Our Sister



Home Of De Le Rose Danes, Great Dane dogs and the author's personal website!


Strothertowne Pet Hospital

The best veterinary care you can get in the Kansas City Metro Area!

Dr. Warren Jones and staff always put patients first!


Military Related Websites



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GI Sales And Hire


6th Armored Division


Reilly's Battery


70th Infantry Division “Trailblazers” Association


167th Engineer Combat Battalion


Lone Sentry


897th and 3562nd Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Companies


Brunssum War Cemetery


 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion Skylighters


The World War Two Battlefield Relics Website


3rd Armored Division “Spearhead”


The Veterans History Project


World War History & Art Museum


Carey Sayers U505


808th Tank Destroyer Battalion


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