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Military Related Websites“where the greatest generation meets the latest generation... is the first WWII Oral History Web Site. This comprehensive historical resource allows visitors to share hundreds of stories, interviews, and photos collected over the year's by author/publisher Aaron Elson.  Excerpts from Aaron's popular books, Tanks for the Memories, 9 Lives, A Mile in Their Shoes, and They were all young kids, are also featured on the site.  A great resource!


Reilly's Battery

Battery D (Reilly’s Battery)

10th North Carolina State Troops

(1st Regiment N.C. Artillery)


Welcome to the Reilly's Battery Web site! We are a non-profit organization that proudly portrays the Civil War Artillerymen of the Field Artillery. Although our primary impression is that of Reilly's Battery, we also portray other batteries of the 1st Reg't North Carolina Artillery and a battery from the Federal army - Battery D (West Point Battery) of the 5th US Artillery Reg't.   We enjoy a close association with the 26th North Carolina, the Carolina Legion, and the Federal Artillery Reserve.  We are the only horse drawn section (two guns) in the east.  Our organization welcomes the involvement of the whole family. Both our ladies and children are very active in portraying the ladies and children of the period, providing support to their men deployed in the field.


Join us!  If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out our Membership form or visit our Contact Information page.





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