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Honoring Wounded Warriors


Recently, Ken Pugh was informed that some British citizens were undertaking a marathon walk across Britain through bitterly cold weather to raise funds to help British soldiers who had been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. In order to show his support for these noble souls who chose to endure freezing temperatures and long distances to help these brave men who had sacrificed so much in the name of freedom, Ken drove his World War Two Jeep out in the cold to try to cheer these brave walkers on. Ken could have taken the easy way out, and simply wrote out a check, but he endured torturous weather conditions personally by driving this unheated, open vehicle to be there for these walkers. Not only that, but Ken also loaned his personal Land Rover as a support vehicle to help these walkers reach their goal. Ken is always a humble man, and when I praised him for his bravado and nobility, he quickly dismissed it, saying that what he did was nothing compared to what these walkers were doing to help these wounded warriors who had given even more. It seems there is no shortage of nobility in Merry Olde England, and it isn't in the palaces and mansions where you'll find it, but rather in the hearts of common, ordinary British citizens.









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