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Veterans Talk About

“Received your book today and started reading it.  The book is great.  Wish you a lot of luck with it.” Joe Emma, former T/Sgt., 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils


“We received our “PATTON’S TROUBLESHOOTERS” today.  Thanks for the fantastic job you so nobly done.  We all owe you so much gratitude.  I am looking forward to start reading it right away.  It looks like you did a terrific job.  Thanks again for a job well done.”  Henry Edquist, former member of the 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils.


“I am impressed!  But not surprised!  You’ve truly outdone yourself, Terry, in assembling a terrific documentary.  Obviously, we received the books, and are so appreciative of your efforts.”  “Screwdriver” Sam Graf, former member, 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils


“After reading 65 pages of “PATTON’S TROUBLESHOOTERS”, I call you friend-I’m enjoying the book very much-hate to put it down to do what I’m supposed to.” Bruce Goodfellow, former member, 459th A.A.A. Battalion


“As a member of the 702nd from it’s first days at Camp Campbell, I want to thank you for putting the book together.” Edward Baroni, former Sergeant, 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils


“It just wouldn’t be fitting not to write a few words to you.  My congratulations on a fine book.  Let me say your efforts on behalf of the 702nd is very much appreciated.” Bill Beck, former member, 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils


“I finally mopped up enough time to finish reading your History.  I want to compliment you for the outstanding composition of the book.  May your future be marked with such success.” Colonel William B. “Bull” Miller, U.S. Army Retired, former Company “B” Commander, 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils


“Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciated reading the history.  You did a good job.  I guess without your support, we couldn’t have survived.” Warren Cammerer, Past National Commander, 80th Division Veterans Association


“I just finished your book, and I want to tell you that I enjoyed it very much.” Don Schoo, 633rd A.A.A. A.W. Battalion


“I finished the thoroughly enjoyable task of reading “PATTON’S TROUBLESHOOTERS” several days ago.  It was a fascinating opportunity to relive old times in the comfort of the living room.  The book, itself, is thorough, comprehensive, is obvious evidence of a tremendous amount of research and organization.  Your book has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to review a past that has many grim reminders but also it’s moments of excitement and fulfillment.  It was a great organization and should not be forgotten.  In these late days of our memory, our book has provided perspective as well as an essential linkage that helps considerably to make what was done seem so much more worthwhile than it seemed just a few months ago.  I think you have helped put substance in our lives.  Thank you Terry.” Retired Professor Carl Nordstrom,  Intelligence Officer, 702nd Tank Battalion, Red Devils


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