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Private Andrew Perry Craig

Company B

314th Machine Gun Battalion

80th Infantry Division

World War One






Louisville Ky.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mrs. Lena Constant

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jamestown, Ohio

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Greene Co.



Dear Sis, / Family,


Arrived in Cincinnati in time for dinner Monday.† Then we stayed over till after four oíclock, getting down here about eleven oíclock.† So you know we did not get much sleep or rest last night.† We had to march about 1 mile to get to our barracks.† This is some big camp about forty-five thousand soldiers.† We had our papers looked over last night, they just through with me in time for breakfast this morning.† We came through the state of Indiana, you should have saw the people cheer us as we came through the towns.† There were more boys joined us in the city making about 600 men on our train.† The boys surely were full of pep yes. but are not quite so to-day.† We were all examined this morning and vax. in the left arm this afternoon.† 6 or 7 of our boys got awful sick they would just drop over and then they would have to work with them to bring them to.† It not effect me that way, but I sure have got some arm to-night.† I donít know yet if I passed or not, wonít until this vax. quartine is off.† Well as I am tired and sleepy, I will close for this time with love to all.


Co. ďDĒ336th Infantry

Camp Zachary Taylor Ky.


Donít worry about me for we have everything sanitary, our mess kits are aluminum and fold up.

Louisville is about 100 miles from Cin. Making it about 200 miles from home.



Jun 1-18

10-30 AM



Mrs. Lena Constant

Jamestown Greene Co. Ohio

R.R. 1 Box 22


(Written on side of envelope)

From Mrs. E. Craig 269

N. Wood St.† Wilmington† co.


Wilmington Oh, ††††† 5/31


Dear Lena, As I promised will write a line to tell you I rec. a card from Andrew this eve. It was wrote the next day after they arrived, he said they arrived safely at 10 Oíclock all night he was feeling very tired but they had a nice trip, they are 150 miles from Cincinnati, over 200 miles from home, his address is Co. D. 336th infantry Camp Taylor Louisville Ky.† I heard yesterday that every one has left Camp Sherman and they are going to make a training camp for nothing but infantry and that there will be nothing but a training camp for artillery at camp Taylor.† They say all the infantry will be brought back from Camp Taylor, you know Andrew chose the artillery, but they must have changed him for he writes infantry.† Lou and Doll was down last eve, Lou says that Andrew is not heavy enough for artillery.† How did you find Harve and everything, I hope all right, what time did you get home.† I surely did miss you and the kiddies.† I went out to the cemetery yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Bramme, we havenít had any rain yet, we need it very badly, but this is a beautiful eve.† Will close as I leave to write to Louie & Ethel

Love to every body



Mrs. Harve Constant


Greene Co.† Oh.



Camp Beauregard


June 20, 1918


Dear Sis and Family


Arrived here yes. noon, I am all O.K. only so hot I canít hardly breathe.† You people in Ohio should be thankful you live in such a nice state, I havenít any state that any way near compares with it.† It is a hundred and five in the shade here, and the worse camp of any we are even short on water, nothing but tent to sleep in, it would not have been so bad if we had not been so use to such a nice camp in Ky.† I donít know what they by sending us way down here, I donít know whether our boys can stand the heat here or not, donít worry about me for I think I can stand it if the rest of them do.† I guess we will stay here about six weeks then cross over, donít tell mother though, I wrote her but did not mention that.† If any body tells you they like the army life, tell them you donít believe it.† Well Lena I have lots of clothes to wash before noon, so I will close.


Private Andrew Craig

Co. I 153 Infantry

Camp Beauregard



Tell Ethel my address for I am short of stamps and money.


Mrs. Harve Constant

Jamestown Ohio,



Camp Beauregard

July 6th, 1918

Dear Sis and Family:

Got the box this evening, I was glad to get it and thank you for remembering me.† It was in pretty good shape.† The candy had all melted and run together but it was good just the same.† The ham sandwiches were spoiled I hated that worse of all.† Donít believe I would try to send any more you canít realize how hot it is here and how far it is.† This leaves me O.K. only my feet are a little sore and tired.† Got a letter from Ralph, Elden also miss Violet.† I am not in the same Co. any more, was transferred to the machine gun Co. last Tues.† Virgel Bernard and a Bath boy besides my self were the only ones from Clinton Co. transferred, we were selected I guess because we had a pretty good schooling and experience of machinery.† I† donít know yet how I will like it.† I havenít been doing anything knew we are still drilling and will take up the studies on the gun later on.† I guess it is pretty hard to learn I think it will be quite interesting though.† If I make any mistakes in this you will have to excuse them for believe me it is some problem to write here the boys are singing and carrying on in general.† We have a fine young Corpal over us in our squad you know we are in squads to ourselves.† We have a place numbered for us to eat. Our squad No. is eight.† There is five boys in my tent from Ohio, one from Middletown, two from Cinn, and two from Toledo, they nice fellows only a little to proper for me.† I donít think we will stay here much longer, I donít know for certain you know you canít find out much but I have I have an idea we will leave by the middle of the month, if I find out anything I will write.† I sure will be glad when we do leave, for I hate this place.† I got a letter from Alma Taylor yesterday and she was saying the soldier boy was thought so much of in Ohio, well it not that way down here, they charge two prices for everything.† Well Lena I got your letter and money did you get my Ans? I also got two dollars from Louis.† Yes, and I must have my picture taken tomorrow, I intended to have them taken last Sun. but had the took ache.† I am so busy most of the time to get lonesome.† I havenít heard from Mom but once since I came here, I donít why she doesnít write.† Well Lena it is getting late and I want to take a bath before I go to bed.† We have to wait till about eleven oíclock before the water comes on, we have very poor water systems here.† How is Harve making it? Tell him I said hello, tell Ronald and Louise to write again. †Well I will close by saying good night and love to all.



M.G. Co. 153 Inf. B.†† B. LA.

You see I am still in the same Reg. and am right close to the Wilíboys.† Eleden was telling me he was expecting an increase in the Family in about four months, Ha! Ha!.


Camp Beauregard, La†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† July 15, 1918


Dear Sisí,

Recíd your letter to day, this leaves me O.K.† Hope your people are the same.† I havenít drilled any to day, about a dozen from my Co.ís was on detail duty so I was one of them.† We hauled rations over from the warehouse to this reg. handled about four thousand dollars worth of food what do you think of that.† That will last us about a wk. and that donít include other expenses for ice beef and such as that.† I got a letter from mother also to day, just got through ans. It.† I got Bessieís card, Minnie, Ralph and Eldens letters to.† I have some money yet so you need not worry about that, it wonít be so long till we get paid this time, it doesnít take the time long to pass by.† The second platoon, the one I am in, got first in a contest march last Sat. morn, and the Captain gave us all a pass from 12pm. Till eleven am. To Aleve.† I heard that it was a very poor town so I thought at first I would not go, but am glad I went, now.† I think it is a swell little city, of course not any better then they have up north.† I expect one reason I enjoyed it more was because I had not been to town for soo long.† I saw several stylish dames, these girls are very peculiar here, the average age to merry is from fifteen to sixteen years.† Took supper, which consisted of ham, eggs and pie, then went to the movies and later to the park, think if we stay here very much longer I shall go again soon.† Wish you could see us march, we are getting to be real soldiers now.† I think our Captain is just fine, his name is Snyder.† Got Louieís box that was delayed soo long on the way.† I got a letter from her saying that Hardy might have to leave for camp any time, I wonder if he has gone yet.† Donít know how long we will stay here but I donít think we will go across for some time yet.† I was reading in the paper where they has just sent ninety thousand troops over and that they would not send any more across till they had six months training here first.† I think though we will leave for a camp in the East before long, and I will be glad to go, although I am getting more use to the heat here.† Lena you donít want to believe half this talk you hear about army life, and donít worry about me, if anything should happen to me while I am in the U.S.A, you would know it soon.† Tell Ronald he should see my one inch army hair cut, I bet he would laugh.† You were asking me if one of these guns was dangerous, Yes all fighting is more or less, but we donít just sit out in the open like they use to with these guns.† There is a shell hole for them to sit in and it only takes two out of a squad to operate them, while they are in action, the rest of the squad is in a dugout, underground you know.† I would rather use one of these, then be in the infantry.† We are in the rear of them and you know a machine gun is much more powerful, they shoot about six hundred times a minute and about three miles in distance, and besides these, we have a big forty five Colts automatic each, and a bow knife to use in hand to hand fighting if needed and then the hand grenades, gas mask and lots of other ways of defense.† Ask Harve if he donít think we ought to be able to get several Dutchman with all those weapons.† Had some pictures taken yes. if they are any good I will send you one.† We are going to have some taken of this whole Co. before long and I think I shall buy one and send home.† You can see it there, well Lena it almost bed time so I will close biding you all good night.


Love to all



You asked me if I had got your letter you sent the fourth, Yes I got it and ans. It did you get the ans?† Tell Louise I think of her.† Was glad to get the stamps.† I am a little careless about buying them sometimes.† I know most of the boys from J. that are in the service.



Mrs. Harve Constant

Jamestown Ohio



Camp Beauregard La.

July 24th, 1918


Dear Sister:

Thought I would drop you a few lines.† No doubt you will be surprised to hear from me so often, but thought I would let you know I am O.K.† How is every thing out on the farm?† We took an eight mile hike Yes. forenoon, stood the trip fine, only a little a little warm I suppose you people will attend the big Jamestown Fair this year, Minnie wrote me they were expecting a good one.† How is Ronald and Louise, tell Ronald Louise wrote me, telling me George was wearing overalls now.† I heard from Louise the other day they are both well, also from mother she is still troubled with rheumatism got a letter from Lena Constant last wk. that was mailed the first of June, some service isnít (remaining of letter missing)


Mrs. H. L. Constant

Jamestown, Ohio

Greene Co.† R.R.#1 Box22.


Wilmington, Ohio

Oct. 22nd 1918


Mrs. H. Constant

Jamestown, Oh

Dear Sis.† I recíd your letter this A.M. Glad you are all well and havenít the influenza.† This leaves us about as usual.† Edwin is all right and mom and I havenít taken it.† I felt so sorry for Ethel and Nelson, we do so hope they will come out all right.† But we too feel that Minnie was careless in going out there.† We had a nice letter from Andrew yesterday, that was written 3 wks. Ago and donít you know he hasnít heard a word from any of us as much as we have all written. We know he must feel terrible.† He said he was well and in nice quarters and liked it fine.† He sent mom a beautiful silk handkerchief handmade and embroidered by the French girls.

Edwin is called for physical Examination on next Sat.† We were over to Louise last night, they are well.† I had 2 letters from Hardy today.† On his arrival in Camp every one in his Co. was in the hospital with the Influenza I am so afraid he will take it.

I think they will be sent across as soon as this dies down a little.† As they are expecting to be moved.† Edna Constant has undergone a very serious operation for the removal of the verdurn appendix.† We called up there and she is a little better but has had a very serious time of it.† The rest are well.† Andrew said he had been writing to us girls but I have never recíd anything yet.† Well I canít think of anything else except we think the disease is much better over here.† I do not feel afraid of it and would have been glad to come and help Ethel.† I sent Ethel a letter today.† Andrew had something move to his add it is Pvt. Andrew Craig. M.G. Co. 153 Inf. American Expeditionary Forces A.P.O. 904.† I think maybe that is why he hasnít recíd his mail as he never sent that last part before.† Well I must close and let us know all the time how you are and come over.† I want to come down there soon.

Love to all.

Sis Louie.


Pvt. Andrew Craig

Co. B. 314th M. G. Bn.



Mrs. Harve Constant

Jamestown, Ohio

Box 22, R.R.#1 U.S.A.


Dec 23rd, 1918

Dear Sis, and Family:

Recíd your letter which was dated Oct. 27th sure was glad to hear from you, but sorry to hear Louise was not well.† Have been writing to you, donít know why you donít get my letters.† I recíd several letters about then same time.† I have been busy reading and answering them.† I did not get Bessie Hills letter, but have been hearing from home they are all well, or was at the time they wrote me.† Was sorry to hear of Hardyís mothers death, did not hear what took her off.† My but there must have been lots of sickness in the states.† In nearly every letter I get from home they want me to have my picture taken.† You cannot realize how things are over here, it is very different from home.† I havenít saw a place where you can have any taken for a long time, although I guess there is such places here.† Would love to send you one if I get a chance to have some taken.† Had you heard of Edna Constant being operated on?† I must try and write to her, but I have several times.† I hope they are all well again, wish you would tell Elden to write to me.† I suppose he is a proud father, would love to be out there and see all of you.† Was there many rabbits out there this fall, wish I could think of more news to write you but seems like it is a big problem for me to write any more.† I will write a line or two to Louise and Ronald on a separate sheet, you tell Ronald that his letter was just grand.† Well Lena I guess this is all.

A Merry Christmas,

and a Happy New Year.



Miss Louise Constant


Dear Niece:† Recíd your letter O.K. was glad to hear from you.† You must hurry up and get well so you can go to school again.† You just keep the belt until I come home, then you can give it to me.† Tell Bertha to feed that baby plenty of good food for it is too small.

Uncle Andrew


Master Ronald Constant


Dear Nephew:† Certainly was glad to hear from you.† I heard you are going to school, how do you like it?† You must hurry up and fatten that pig, and trade it for the pony you were speaking of, and when I come home, I will help you ride him.

Uncle Andrew


January 1st 1919


Dear Bro:

Thought as this is a holiday and I am not doing any thing I would drop you a few lines.† This leaves me O.K. Hope you are better by now, why donít you ever write anymore I have not got but one letter from you since I came across.† Mother said in her letter that you were going back to the snaps to work again.† I suppose Wilmington is not like the same place since all the boys have left.† But I expect several of them have come back home now, havenít they?† Wish I was back home with you, I have seen enough of France for mine.† Mother said that it was very cold over there, it is warm here where we are, and rains nearly every day.† I suppose you had a nice Christmas, we had a very good time.† Did you have a good visit out at Lenaís?† Do you ever see old Linker any more?† I suppose he is as busy as ever.† Well Ed. I donít know very much to write to you, so I will close for this time.† Ans. Soon.

Bro. Andrew


Pvt. A.P. Craig

Co. B. 314th M.G. Bn.


Mrs. Harve Constant

Jamestown Ohio

R.R.#1 U.S.A.



Jan. 4th 1919

Dear Sis:† Recíd your letter O.K.† Was glad to hear from you, and that you were all well.† This leaves me well, your letter was the mail that I have recíd, that came right direct to me.† Since I have been in this Co. all my mail has been transferred to me.† I do not get Eldenís letters or Bessieís.† We had a very nice Xmas.† Hope you people did also.† It is still wet rainy weather here not very cold.† In last letter from home, mother said that she had (parts of letter are destroyed w/ holes) of (destroyed) my Xmas.† Coupon so I did not expect a box.† I have not got it yet, but I suppose I will before long.† I wrote that letter to Ralph the same time I wrote to you.† We have been here in this village over a month now; donít know when we will come home.† When we get orders to move, it wonít be long then.† We are drilling some not very hard though.† I suppose that Hardy has come home now.† Will be glad to get the pictures.† Wish I could send (destroyed) but, it is almost impossible to have any taken.† Tell Ethel to write to me.† I have been writing to her.† Why is it that Ralph Laymen was not drafted?† Do you know who the girl was that he married?† Got a letter from Minnie the other day, but have not Ans. it yet.† Do you ever hear from the Williamson boyís?† I heard that Ray was somewhere here in France and that Roy was in England.† Tell Louise and Ronald that I (destroyed) write to them next time, as I am short of writing paper today.† Would love to see them.† Was glad to hear that Harve has such a nice drove of hogs.† I donít see very many of them over here.† They have more cattle over here and fine horses.† Well sister I guess I will have to close for this time.


Good Luck and best Wishes to all.



(Post Card) ďRepairing a Man of WarĒ

Rf. A.P. Craig

Co. B. 314th M.G. Bn.



Master Ronald Constant


R.R.3† Ohio U.S.A



Dear Nephew,

How are you making it?† I suppose you are going to school now.† Write to me.

Uncle Andrew




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