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Liberty Memorial Museum And Monument


On March 12, 2011, the Liberty Memorial World War One Museum and Monument held a special ceremony to commemorate the "Passing Of A Generation", after the death of Frank Buckles, the last surviving U.S. Veteran of World War One. I attended the ceremony at the invitation of the Liberty Memorial Staff, and shot the following series of photos. In attendance, were many dignitaries, including military representatives from six U.S. Allied Nations, as well as a host of local Kansas Citians who took the time out of their day to honor the brave men and women of World War One. We were even fortunate enough that the weather cooperated and gave us a bright sunny day to pay homage to these brave people who fought for our freedom. I wish to thank Denise Rendina and the wonderful staff of the memorial for hosting the ceremony and inviting us to attend. May Mr. Buckles and all of his fellow World War One Veterans Rest In Peace. May present and future generations never forget the sacrifices these people made for us.  -Terry D. Janes





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