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Dedicated to all who fought and died in World War Two!  While this site is primarily focused upon the 80th Infantry Division and it's attached units, I hope to educate and inform the public about World War Two in general, and especially the role of the American Armed Forces in the war.  Contributions from our readers are always welcome.  I hope that as this area develops, it may serve as a fitting tribute to those brave souls who fought that horrible war.  Terry D. Janes-Editor



Patton's Troubleshooters

By Terry D. Janes

The Untold Story Of The 702nd Tank Battalion "Red Devils" and 80th Infantry Division "Blue Ridgers" Who Teamed Up To Defeat The Best That Hitler's Third Reich Could Throw Against Them!


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80th Infantry Division

"Blue Ridgers"

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"Red Devils"

702nd Tank Battalion

"Red Devils"

80th Infantry Division

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Bill Costley

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Last Run For Liberty Run

Tragedy Over The Clouds



A "Wing And A Prayer"

Fighters, 12 O'clock High!



PEARL HARBOR December 7th, 1941 Catalog

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