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Battle Of The Bulge


From the 80th  Division G-2 After Action report:


"December 1st found the 80th Division on the  north flank of the XII Corps drive across the Saar and towards the Siegfried Line.  On the Division north flank, the remnants of the 36th German Infantry Division had established themselves on the high ground and heavy woods north of St. Avold, holding Cits D’ Hospital, Freymind and Merlebach as strongpoints.


To the east, the enemy held the high ground along the east bank of the Mauderbach River with the Reconnaissance Battalion of the 17th SS Division reinforced with battle groups from the 38th  SS and 37th SS Regiments of the 17th SS Division.


On the south flank of the division, south of the Nied Allemande River, the towns of Lixing and Laning were held by combat groups of the 17th SS Division reinforced with stragglers from the 48th Division and 559th Division.  Outflanked by the attack of the U.S. 6th Armored  Division towards Puttelange and the 80th Division drive along their north flank, these isolated units withdrew to join the rest of the 17th SS along the line of the Mauderbach River.


702nd Tank Battalion Officers


702nd Tank Battalion Headquarters and Service Company were located at Valmont as December opened.  The first four days are described by the Service Company Diary:


"Friday, Dec. 1 - The ammo supply section is having difficulty with 'D' Co.  The company was split with one platoon going to each medium company.  This necessitated an extra truckload going to each medium company, but just when this was accomplished, 'A' and 'B' Companies sent their light platoons to the 80th Recon.  This called for another change and then the light platoons came back to 'A' Company, calling for another switch.  Some drivers are exasperated at loading and unloading in order to keep up with the situation.  No money again today.  We are puzzled as to whom we should blame.  Last month we complimented the Finance Officer and Corporal Jansen was insulted.  Now, do you want the blame Jansen?  Tonight was clear for the first time in a week, and many formations of bombers were overhead.


Saturday, Dec. 2 - Well, the money finally arrived and everyone got his share.  It takes quite some time to find all the personnel of Service Company, due to the spread-out conditions. Lt. Cicak went out to pay the men at other Companies.  Capt. Roberts left for St. Avold at noon, to sit on the Board of two General Court Martial’s held by the 80th .  Returning at 6:00 P.M., he went to H.Q. Co. to sit on an Officer Candidate Board.


All personnel of the company received a typhus shot today.  This was administered due to the increased findings of lice and ticks.  A shower detail went to Falquemont this morning and again this afternoon for hot showers.  The kitchen received 'B' rations today, so we expect some better eats.  S-4 issued some very nice wool knit sweaters today, and every man is now sporting one.  T/5 Borkus returned from the hospital this afternoon and rejoined the kitchen force.



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